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Columbia Colstor: Rates, Location, Innovation and Service

We consistently strive to exceed our customer's expectations. If you were to ask "what it is that differentiates us from our competition" we would tell you, it is world class customer service! We have great rates... we are strategically located... but its the customer intimacy that makes us different.

Don McGraw, Owner
With Columbia Colstor as your storage partner, you have access to much more than just an available rack or an open space. You gain access to our people. We are a dynamic, growing, privately held third party logistics (3PL) company with a rich legacy in the Cold Storage industry.

The McGraw family has been in this industry for over eighty years. Through the decades, one thing has remained consistent. Columbia Colstor (from our President and CEO, Don McGraw down to the newest warehouse worker) defines our corporate success based on the success of our customers.

At Columbia Colstor, customer service is more than just a catch phrase… it is the platform that sets us apart from any other competitor in this industry. You will find NO other company that takes a more personal view of managing and moving your products.

While customer service is a well-worn term in this industry… for us customer service means understanding the vital importance of our part in your supply chain, and demonstrating the depth of experience to excel when it comes to service delivery. Our knowledge and skills allow us to anticipate potential trouble spots and help you prevent them.

The bottom line: we strive to make it easy to do business with us. Less hassle means higher efficiency and smoother work flow… which ultimately translates to lower costs for our customers.

Don McGraw said in a recent interview, “Most people don’t know what it takes to get food from the farm to a distribution center and then into the store.” But Columbia Colstor does. We have been intimately involved in the supply chain since 1983. We have been storing products for customers for 30 years. Don started Columbia Colstor in Quincy, WA. and by the year 2000 had expanded to five other locations throughout Washington state. Columbia Colstor has become one of the largest refrigerated warehousing company (according to IARW membership). We truly do take pride in providing our customers with Small Town Integrity, World Class Service.

A Focus on the Environment

Did you know that our corporate office, which resides in Moses Lake WA, was built in 2003 using "Green Certification" building standards, relying on renewable resources as the primary source of building supplies?

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