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Welcome to Colstor International

Welcome to Colstor International, our state of the art international intermodal warehouse. Located in Quincy, WA (159 miles east of Seattle), this facility can provide you with a true competitive advantage. By moving transshipping, consolidation, and storage inland, you can avoid the congestion associated with the coastal roadways and see expedited execution of these processes. If you are looking for strategies to enable your business to cut costs, increase supply chain efficiency, or improve environmental sustainability consider contacting us today to investigate how you might use our intermodal transportation network.


  • Cross-dock services
  • Import/Export services
  • State of the art inventory management system
  • EDI capabilities
  • Web portal customer inventory access


What Intermodal means for you

Located right next to the Colstor International facility, the Port of Quincy Intermodal provides convenient access along the BNSF mainline and I-90. Providing a smart, cost-effective alternative to the congestion of the coast ports, this intermodal facility can provide the logistic solutions your business needs.
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