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World Class Training

Skill, safety and efficiency are not matters of chance at Columbia Colstor. We ensure a high degree of competency by operating our own Training Center which is available to employees and to our community. We have several classrooms, and operate a simulated warehouse complete with racking systems and material handling equipment. Our training environment provides the opportunity for employees to earn required certifications in Forklift Operation (Class I, II, III & V), OSHA Workplace Safety Compliance subjects, Ammonia Safety, Hazard Communication, Outdoor Heat Exposure, Harassment & Workplace Violence, and Confined Space. Our managers and supervisors also attend Columbia Colstor’s Leadership University, and receive training in First Aid/CPR. The training center is just another way we reinforce our core belief: Small town integrity, World class service! If you are interested in Forklift Certification (Re-certification), Leadership Development, or Ammonia Safety training, please give us a call ( 509.765.3343 ) or email Bob Wilson (bwilson at colstor.com).

Forklift Operations:

+ 4-hour Re certification training: Operator Safety, General Operations
+ 6-hour Certification training: Our training approach exceeds OSHA and WISHA requirements
+ Includes Classroom Instruction, Hands-On Training, Practical Evaluation, and Formal Certification
+ Our instructors are professionally certified with over 20 years of combined experience
+ We have trained over 3500 Operators
+ We offer on-site training and discounts for groups of ten or larger

Leadership Development:

Our Leadership University curriculum offers a variety of professional learning opportunities, including classes in the following subjects:

+ New Supervisor Training (101, 102, 103)
+ Coaching, Counseling & Employee Motivation
+ Conflict Management: Supervising Difficult Employees
+ Interpersonal & Assertiveness Skills for Leaders
+ Speaking Skills for Leaders
+ Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
+ Writing Effective Performance Evaluations
+ Quality Customer Service
+ Performance Management
+ Developing High Performance Teams
+ Conducting Incident Investigations

Ammonia Safety:

+ 3-day class: 24-Hour Emergency Response Technician Course
+ 1-day class: 8-Hour First Responder/Operational Refresher Training
+ Both classes are held each year during the first week of March

How to Find Us

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We would like to welcome you to our training center. Please direct any questions to Bob Wilson at 509.765.3343.