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Columbia Colstor is now part of Lineage Logistics, one of the largest temperature-
controlled warehousing and logistics companies in the world. Please visit
www.lineagelogistics.com to learn more about our unparalleled cold chain solutions
and to meet our best in class team members. We look forward to serving Columbia's
outstanding customers and partners.
Columbia-Lineage is hiring! Please visit our Careers page to see what openings
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Our Services

World Class Cold Storage

Environmental Controls: We manage precise, computer controlled environments for dry, cold, and frozen products. Our storage options range from -20 degrees F to +50 degrees F. We also offer blast freezing at -35 degrees F.

State of the Art Inventory Control: Columbia Colstor runs a world class warehouse management system, providing up to the minute, accurate and efficient access to product.

Forex & CFD trading platform.

We are an industry leader when it comes to handling, tracking and recall.

Personal Accountability: Electronic business systems can be efficient but our experienced personnel are ultimately responsible for maintaining the utmost product integrity, and to check and recheck all order intake, picking and shipping.

Advanced Services: We offer Intermodal Logistics services, crossdock and transload services and Import/Export Services.

Safety Matters: We have Organic Certified Facilities and HACCP and food safety programs with on-site USDA, USDC inspection facilities.
Our Training Center

Skill, safety and efficiency are not matters of chance at Columbia Colstor. We ensure a high degree of competency by operating our own Training Center which is available to employees and to our community. We have several classrooms and operate a simulated warehouse. Read More...
Colstor International

Columbia Colstor, Inc. has a cutting edge international intermodal warehouse with over 220,000 square feet of temperature-controlled loading and storage space. We offer domestic and international shippers an alternative intermodal transshipment and cross-docking operation located in a convenient, highly efficient and cost effective inland port. Our location allows our customers to bypass the congested roadways and warehouses located on the coast and instead move their products with fewer challenges. Click here for more info...

Location Matters

In an industry where keeping costs low is a priority, strategic location is critical. We operate over 54,000,000 cubic feet of temperature controlled space across Washington state along main transportation routes:

• Kennewick, WA
• Othello, WA
• Woodland, WA
• Quincy, WA
• Colstor International: Quincy, WA
• Wenatchee, WA

Latest News

Colstor in the News

Lineage Logistics Acquires Columbia Colstor We are excited to announce that we have joined the Lineage family! Click the link to view the full press release: Click here
Innovation and Technology

Starting in January 2012, Colstor began implementing Accellos, a state of the art WMS platform. The implementation has been so successful, Accellos recently published a case study highlighting the wins. Check it out...
Growing our Team

Columbia Colstor is a clear leader in temperature controlled warehousing, offering comprehensive warehousing solutions to meet the needs of our customers. As we continue to focus on excellent customer service, we also continue to grow and enhance our team. A wide variety of employment opportunities may be available – from warehouse forklift operators and supervisors to accounting, engineering, transportation, and technical positions. Click here to learn more...